US Money Reserve now has a place where every kind of device can access its services thanks to a renovation done by its technical team. The new website has changed its layout and has been made compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices and regular computers. It was redone to bring more visual enhancements to its products and more interactive menus for navigation.

Visitors now have more photo galleries to browse through of all the commemorative coins, and US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has an introductory page talking about what the company’s mission is and what to expect when buying precious metals.

US Money Reserve is a privately-owned precious metals investment company that instructs its customers on how to place their funds in gold or silver-backed assets. Gold and silver prices tend to rise when economies around the world start having hyperinflation or fallouts.

Even small economic policies can have an impact on traditional investments, and as economists continue to talk about the US debt and its bubble gold and silver are gaining traction. US Money Reserve sells precious metals in coins, bars and all kinds of bullion, though coins are usually the recommended way to go since they are recognized legal tender.

According to Glassdoor, US Money Reserve can thank Philip Diehl for much of its growth and establishing a reputation as one of the industries best precious metals merchants.

Diehl was appointed by former President Bill Clinton to head the US Mint, and he implemented numerous fiscal policies at the mint that made the department profitable again.

It was Diehl who enacted the 1999 50 States Quarters and also introduced the first interactive ecommerce website for the department that earned the recognition from several business magazines for excellent customer service. Diehl was able to bring his knowledge to the private sector and US Money Reserve wanted to model their company on similar principles to what Diehl ran at the Mint.

US Money Reserve has made customer service the top priority at this company and they have 24/7 support for visitors who have questions about their products.

For those who need assistance with issues such as IRA transfers or making returns on products, Client-Connect Advantage is an offline chat software system that US Reserve’s customer service team uses to stay in touch.

The knowledge center has many charts and photos of gold prices and numismatics, and to find out how to get started purchasing bullion, go to

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