If you are looking to buy French wines, it will serve you well to understand the kinds of wines available out there. Most of the wines have the types of grapes used for the wine production mentioned on their label, but that’s not the case with French Wines. With French Wines, the label has the region or origin mentioned, and it signifies the area from where the wine belongs.

UKV PLC’s guide to French wine says that to understand the French wines, it is important to comprehend the French Appellation System. It would make sure that you know the classification of territories in France as per the region of origin of different French Wines.

The UKV PLC’s French wine buying guide mentions that this classification is based on the French concept that is being followed since the beginning. The French concept of Terroir means that the region of origin is critical for the wine because the taste of wine is influenced by the demography, geography, topography, soil, climate, and other local factors and traditions of the region. UKV PLC mentions that even though great wine is available all over the France, some of the most famous wine producing regions are Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the Loire.

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