A FreedomPop review that I read helped me come to the conclusion that I needed to give these phones to my clients who are coming to me for advocacy help. The advocacy that I do for these people will be much easier for them because they have a cell phone that they can use with no problems. Their cell phones need to become portals where I can get them help, and there are many of them who can call me when they have a problem because they now have access to these phones.

I pass the free phones out from FreedomPop that the people can call me on, and they will be able to get me on the phone in seconds because they are in danger sometimes.  I have to know that I cannot help these people immediately, but I can get their phone calls to be sure that they have some kind of security that they can be found and find me if that is what they need to do.

I am sure that all these people will appreciate the phones I have found for them, and we are using the every day in any emergent situation. FreedomPop is giving me something that is free, and the company is showing me that I do not have to spend a lot of money to get what I need from my clients. I can get them to a safe place where they can use these different kinds of phones, and they will be able to call me if there is ever a time that they will be in need of immediate assistance.