Eric Pulier is a world-renowned technologist, innovator, author, public speaker, investor and humanitarian. He has founded and co-founded more than 15 companies across the globe, such as Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Akana, and Service mesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Desktone and Media Platform.

He has invested in capital funds and charity unions such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures and a new company in collaboration with technology firms.Besides his thriving professional ventures, Eric is a father of four and has extended his philanthropy to serve children through the Innovation Board of Prize Foundation. He is also a member of the Painted Turtle, an organization catering to children with chronic illnesses.

Eric Pulier is an alumnus of the Teaneck High school, where he graduated in 1984 before proceeding on to Harvard University for his Bachelors in Arts degree. He graduated from Harvard with a Magna Cum Laude in 1988.During his time as a Harvard student, Eric Pulier published and edited articles on the Harvard Crimson Weekly.

He also earned additional degrees in English & American Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies and Computer Science from the near MIT. Eric Pulier hosted and managed the “Bridge to the 21st Century” event for Al Gore and Bill Clinton’s second inauguration commemoration. The event which took place in Washington DC on the Mall featured on every TV channel in the United States.

Subsequently, Eric Pulier received an invitation from the Chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management, Morley Winograd, to be a board member for the USC Marshall School.

Mr.Pulier’s important philanthropic acts include his creation of the educating Multiple Sclerosis program and an interactive system for the motor disabled Multiple Sclerosis patients. He is also a top donor to ACE Foundation, a 501C3 organization, which restructures software designing to meet humanity’s needs. Eric donated capital to build a project for kids with chronic ailment under the Starbright Foundation. He also managed the pay of staff involved in the project and the sourcing of volunteer resources.

He also led the development of a system to help children understand the causes and effects of Diabetes through an animated game that allows the gamer to travel through the body virtually. Eric Pulier lives in LA and continues to participate in humanitarian movements and start-up businesses actively.