Started as an upcoming company, InnovaCare Health has advanced into an established company that has devoted its energy into offering managed healthcare services across Puerto Rico. The company has come up with different measures that have streamlined their service delivery systems and most of the plans that have been put in place have directed focus on serving clients better, reason they have seen an increase in applications for the Medicare Advantage program.

In addition to offering tailored services that are honed to help customers, InnovCare Health has invested in the acquisition of new and modern equipment that have assisted in different roles. Most importantly, they have hired more staff to ensure customers get sufficient support for all the needs they present. Recently, InnovaCare Health hired a new set of executives to major positions in the company. This move was in an effort to enhance quality of services offered and to push for the implementation of their vision.

Recognized as a leader and an experienced professional, Jonathan Meyers is an individual whose presence at InnovaCare Health has brought about change and success. He has injected a new experience into the company that will ensure InnovaCare Health transitions to become a leader in the provision of Medicare and Medicaid services across the country.

Additionally, InnovaCare Health hired for the office of the chief accountant, a position that was given to Mike Sortino, who has earned a reputation for achieving several milestones while working with other big companies like HCC Specialty on Mike embraces the office of the chief accountant and has promised to work together with other professionals in the company to enhance the management of accounts and funds.

A look into the leadership
Most of the changes that have happened at InnovaCare Health have been overseen and pushed for by the leaders of the company, who include Dr. Rick Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides, who holds office as the Chief Administrative Officer. Dr. Richard Shinto is a celebrated author of several journals giving direction to the management of healthcare services and his experience in the industry can be trace around more than 20 years. Penelope Kokknides has also established herself as a clinical scientist with more than 10 years experience.